Legacy Production Underway!

Legacy Production Underway!

When you go to production on a new watch and brand, it's important to get into the details around everything that the customer will touch when their new watch arrives.  

To start with, I selected a nice box with glossy paper materials to properly showcase the Legacy.  These boxes were the first items created in production:

These will keep the watch safe during shipping with a velvet inside and plastic sheathing around the watch to avoid any scratches.

Next, the watch faces began being produced:

Minimalist watch face

This was a fairly quick part of development and we soon had them by the dozens:

Minimalist watch faces

After the watch faces are completed, the alloy cases are milled. Then the watch face, hands and movement are built and placed inside the case.  Once those are inside the case and functioning correctly, the glass is sealed to the alloy and the case backing is screwed on.

What you "wind up" with is the Legacy:

Minimalist production

Minimalist production

Minimalist production

The watches will be polished and cleaned from any assembly marks and leather bands are attached.  The watches are then placed in their boxes under protective wrap and shipped out to La Touraine.

What a journey!  I can't wait for everyone to get their own La Touraine Legacy and show the world our story together.

Thank you for reading,

Dave Moggio