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The Best Men's Watches under $500

The Best Men’s Watches under $500 : A La Touraine Specialty

Nothing is better than a watch as the finishing touch to your stylish outfit. Watches are capable of taking an average or good-looking outfit, and turning it into a more sophisticated, chic look. While you are entitled to spend a good fortune on your next watch, it does not need to be a major investment. In fact, La Touraine has some of the best men's watches under $500 that deserve to be in your collection. 

What to Keep in Mind before Buying a Watch

Selecting and collecting watches is a full-time hobby for some, but you don’t need to be an aficionado to appreciate and select great watches. However, there are some features to keep in mind before you go ahead with purchasing the best men's watches under $500. Here are some things you should pay close attention to:

  • Movement: The movement refers to the functioning of the watch. The three main movements are mechanical, automatic, and quartz. Automatic watches are essentially autonomous and charge themselves with the movement of the wearer’s wrist, making it the most desirable option for many. Mechanical watches require hand winding to maintain it, and quartz watches run on batteries–needing to be replaced every so often.
  • The style: It’s tempting to pick a watch just based on how it looks, but it needs to fit with your personal style as well. Thoroughly assess your style and use whatever watch you select to enhance it. 
  • Water-resistance: Even if you don’t plan on using your watch in water-related activities, it couldn’t hurt to have a water-resistant timepiece. Having that protection will come in handy, as inclement weather conditions and general exposure to water could wreak havoc on watches that aren’t water-resistant. 

#1- Atlas

Our Atlas watch is known for its strength and level of sharpness. Composed of heavyweight stainless steel, the Atlas will always rest boldly on your wrist. The sapphire crystal glass protects the piece from scratches, able to stand the test of time in all kinds of scenarios. The watch is sized at 42 mm, which is still large enough to make a solid statement.

#2- The Subnautica

The Subnautica is La Touraine's, first official diver watch. The diver watch will be able to withstand depths of 20ATM underwater, making it the ideal accessory for your next scuba or diving outing. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass makes this piece almost fully impervious to sustaining scuffs and scratches, meaning you can also sport it as an everyday watch if you wish.

#3- Seafarer

Are you a diver? If so, our Seafarer watch is the perfect time piece to complement your active lifestyle. The band and case consist of 316L stainless steel, ensuring that the watch remains durable and long-lasting. Illumination around the watch is a nice contrast to the black face, and it also makes it easier for users to read in reduced lighting conditions.  The watch also generates power from a Japanese automatic movement, an essential component for maintaining accurate timekeeping. 

#4- The Navigator

If you want something that is a little more classic, but can adapt to many outfits, The Navigator Pilot Watch is the upper echelon of functional classics. With the Sapphire crystal glass, the Navigator will be protected from all kinds of scratches and marks. The stainless steel case will make the watch impervious to most scenarios, and it’s also water-resistant up to 20 ATM. 

#5- The Legacy

The Legacy watch may be minimalist, but that doesn’t mean it’s forsaking the fundamental qualities of luxurious. There are many things that make this watch stand out, but one of the most notable is its powerful battery life, which can last over 3 years.

Purchase the Best Men's Watches Under $500 from La Touraine

We believe a watch should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe! La Touraine has been providing our consumers with the best men's watches under $500 for quite some time. A stylish, functional watch with a timeless design should not cost an arm and a leg. Making affordable watches is part of our ethos as a company! If you are interested in buying one of our time pieces, contact ustoday.