minimalist watches for men

The Benefits Of Basic With Minimalist Watches

Much like other men’s accessories and wardrobe choices, minimalist watches for men are a great way to show off your style, without coming off too flashy. While watches can be flashy and vivacious too, you can still make a statement when keeping it simple. Today, we’d like to further explore the benefits of basic when wearing a minimalist wristwatch, and how it affects your life apart from just telling time!

#1- Embodies your sense of style and personality

As many of us are aware, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. So, when someone meets you for the first time, he or she will pick up on much of your physical and mental essence in a matter of moments. This is especially true in both formal and business settings. Your attire and accompanying accessories speaks volumes on your professionalism. In many of these settings, wearing a watch is almost expected. The lack of one may send out a message that you don’t take time or daily structure seriously. On the lighter side of things, our minimalist watches for men can seamlessly embody your style and personality, all without coming across overly posh. You might even find that you and your new acquaintance or colleague share the same sense of style and taste. Accounting for that small detail could make the difference between cordial relationships vs lifelong friendships. Not too bad from such a humble accessory.

#2- A grown up accessory that is still trendy

Here’s the truth. Minimalist watches aren’t just for sport. They aren’t some run-of-the-mill trend that only young people abide by. Throughout the social ladder, men of all ages are incorporating these pieces into their daily lives. These watches are crafted by some of the finest manufacturers in the world. A minimalist watch is easy to turn into a “grownup” accessory. All it requires is a simple swap of a band or opting for a piece with a smaller face and more conservative than a more expensive watch. If you own more than one pair of these watches, it’s very feasible to modify any accessory for any outfit or occasion, and still be fashion-oriented when it counts the most. 

#3- It upholds your intentions of minimalism

Anyone that is striving to adhere to the fundamentals of minimalism will always abide by one basic principle–reducing the amount of materialism in our lives. Wearing minimalist jewelry does not change how we think or view life, it only indicates that we don’t need to be encompassed with expensive taste to be happy. By wearing a minimalist watch, you are signaling to the world that you are style conscious, but aren't willing to latch onto every style trend that emerges. 

The Best Minimalist Watches for Men

Our minimalist watches for men signal your sense of self-control, awareness, and craftiness to the outside world. If you are looking to add to your growing collection of watches, La Touraine has you covered. To learn more about our current lineup, contact us today or check out one of our most coveted, minimalist pieces in the Legacy Watch!