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Homage watches: The Beginning

Homage Watches and Their Origin

How the Rolex Oyster created an Industry

If you were to make a list of iconic timepieces, the Rolex Oyster would take the 1st spot. The popularity and cost of this timepiece combined to begin the homage watch industry. Watch and fashion enthusiasts were drawn to the Oyster, particularly in the early 1950s. Yet, only a select few could afford its premium price point. The market’s solution was to pay tribute, while making it obtainable to the masses. These look alike watches are known as homage watches.

The homage watch selection has grown in recent decades. Numerous brands are paying tribute to their favorite timepiece. This has created an opportunity to own a mens designer watch that is not unique and fashionable. Collectors can access the styles and looks they love, at a cost that’s affordable.

The rise of micro brand watch companies has made its mark on the homage watch scene. Many brands use the design of iconic models to build out their own selection. La Touraine offers high quality homage watches in our collection. Several are worn by professional watch aficionados, successful entrepreneurs, and professional athletes.