La Touraine Maritimer Dive Watches

Maritimer: A Dive Watch, an Homage Watch, Your Next watch

Maritimer: A Dive Watch, an Homage Watch, Your Next homage watches

La Touraine Maritimer Dive Watches

Why the Maritimer is not like other Submariner homage watch brands

A dive watch that's unlike other homages

The most "homaged" watch you'll see in the world is probably the Rolex Submariner and it is one of the most iconic watches ever created. This iconic watch genuinely has a timeless design that has been repeated by other automatic watches and many other watch companies. A homage watch is one that gives tribute to "pays homage", and draws inspiration from a watch that is already on the market, frequently one of the most recognizable and famous watches.

It's no secret that most mens designer watch brands copy off of each other.  No brand suffers from this with its competitors more than Rolex watches.  When you produce timepiece icons as Rolex has, there are bound to be cheap copies and outright theft of design that occurs. It's the downside to the success that they've endured. Most of the homage brands come with a Seiko movement that ensures both trustworthiness and value for money.

Their iconic Submariner dive watches are no exception to this rule, and over the last decade, more and more mens designer watch brands attempt a copy.  Some of them are quite well known for being cheap copies that you can find on your favorite watch forums under affordable dive watches.

While we do not believe in copying others here at La Touraine, we do acknowledge that when people think of a dive watch, the Submariner is what pops into their minds.

To respectfully pull off a homage, we decided to focus on the details to make our Maritimer stand apart while paying due respect to an icon that costs 10x our watch.

You'll find many replica watches and fake watches that will look exactly like expensive and well-known watch brands. If you're after an original watch that will be affordable as well, you can choose one from homage brands. A homage watch is an affordable alternative to an expensive luxury watch.

The Details

An attention to detail is where we separate our homage from the pack.  Starting with the homage brand logo, embossed on the dial to signify this isn't a print on demand special. Wearing an homage watch is generally and widely accepted by the vast majority of watch enthusiasts.

Working our way down the dial, you will notice the red subscript of Maritimer which is a nod to the famous 1680 reference Submariner and also a tie back to several of our red accented models across the La Touraine watch family.

A sapphire crystal with AR coating and a cyclops is used to ensure minimal scratches and long service life of the watch.  This watch must be worn every day and not shown on the glass.

The hands are where we decided to go in our own direction, away from the copies and the icon itself, by using a blade-style hour hand and a sword-style minute hand.  This gets rid of the overplayed Mercedes hand that is found on every knock-off out there.

To finish it up, we dipped the tip of the second hand in our red to match the subscript and draw attention to the measurements of each second.  This second hand follows the theme of the hour and minute hands by using a lengthened arrow, which is height proportionate to the 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock hour marks on the dial. 

Great dive watches must also be highly water resistant and on our Maritimer, we have a screw down crown and a 20 ATM depth rating.  This almost guarantees that no water is getting into watch case under most uses. (We can't guarantee a deep sea exploration). 

The rotating bezel is constructed from ceramic and is uni-directional to help set your dive times. It also packs a heavy punch with C3 super lume that will light up green underwater or in the dark.

The lume on the dial itself is Swiss BGW9 super-lume, which will light up with a blue hue in low light conditions.

Finally, a proper diver watch needs to have solid construction to withstand the pressures found underwater.  To do this, we have chosen to use 316L stainless steel throughout the watch case.  This will not only protect the watch but also provide years of safe daily wear. 

What's inside:

This is where we decided to focus on accuracy and chose to go with the venerable Miyota 2115 quartz movement. This movement is a workhorse and will provide up to 4 years of battery life.  Perfect time for when you want to service the watch seals.

If you are a fan of a watch that is styled like GMT Master II, Daytona, Explorer, Submariner, or any other iconic watch, you will find those styled watches in our homage watch collections.

As a homage, we wanted to respect the icon but also carve our own path to make this its own La Touraine watch.  With the details we've just covered, we hope that you will enjoy our Maritimer for many years to come.

How to Get One:

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