About Us

La Touraine | About Us

Who We Are

La Touraine Watches is brand of affordable watches that brings together quality, value, and affordability. We offer an exclusive range of mens designer watches that tell a unique story. Every timepiece holds a special place in our hearts, and we think that it'll become a priceless and vintage piece in your collection of watches. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the only trusted affordable luxury watch brand in the market that provides the best value for your money while helping you build your legacy. 

Our Values

We value substance over flash, customers over profits, and value over marketing.

My Brand Story

La Touraine Watches are meant for people who value hard work and make sacrifices to improve their future.

My story is unique, just like my watches. I have named our brand 'La Touraine' after the ship on which my great-grandparents came to Ellis Island. It is reminiscent of the risks, sacrifices, comprises, and challenges that they faced on their journey to start a new life in a completely new world in 1893. I wanted to personify the same struggles and hardships through my watches brand that can stand the test of time.

My love for watches started when I became a proud owner of a watch at the age of 14. It was a Victorinox military-style watch and I bought it for $65 at that time by saving money from chores and allowances. The simple yet classic design instantly captured my attention, and I was completely hooked. This was my first investment in affordable luxury Swiss watches, but later on, they were financially out of my reach.

My love for watches continued to grow, and I kept studying the materials and designs of affordable luxury designer watches over the years. I can understand how any watch enthusiast feels when they cannot purchase high-end watches, and it’s why I decided to start my own brand of watches. I decided to use my experience and develop my own line of watches that combine the features, finish, and quality of the affordable luxury watch brands but available at a price that people can easily afford.

This is how I came up with La Touraine Watches that became a hallmark of exceptional value and great quality watches in the market. Today, I can proudly say that my watches carry the beauty and finish of affordable luxury designer watches with an affordable price tag! (without exaggeration). This has led to our dive watch collection having 3 pieces mentioned as best dive watches under $1000.

With La Touraine on your wrist, you can proudly flaunt your style and compliment your personality while owning a priceless timepiece that you can hand over to your next generation.

Thank you,
Founder, La Touraine