About Us

Welcome to La Touraine

La Touraine is named after the ship that brought my great-grandparents to Ellis Island. My great-grandparents were farmers from northern Italy that decided to save up their money and move to the New World in the 1880’s to begin a new life. 

Like that journey for a young family from Italy, La Touraine represents the spirit of taking risks, making sacrifices, doing what is right - not what is easy, and hard work.  


SS La Touraine

My journey into watches began when I was 14, my first watch was a military style Victorinox that I saved up allowance and chore money for.  It cost me $65 and immediately caught my eye with it's simple design and value for the money.

I still own this watch a couple decades later.

La Touraine watches are made for people that value hard work and making sacrifices for a better tomorrow.  Much like a new family crossing the Atlantic, I want you to find your calling, a better life and build your own legacy. 

As you build your future, I want to take away one worry: what's on your wrist. 

Everyone should have a great looking watch made with quality materials and have the support to back it up.

La Touraine watches are built to last using the best materials available for the price.  

Conveniently located in Charlotte, North Carolina, our watches are designed in the USA  to guarantee the best fit for your wrist  

When you buy La Touraine, you not only have a watch that looks great, you have years of support behind it.

Thank you,

Dave Moggio
Founder, La Touraine