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Who We Are

My entry into watches began with my first watch purchase when I was 14 years old. I had saved up a summer's worth of allowance to buy a $65 watch. I still have this watch to this day.

Unfortunately, not all purchases went this well.

After saving up to buy more watches as a young watch collector, I had some break or fall apart. These were not cheap watches and it hurt the wallet when this happened.

When trying to contact warranty departments, I'd run into a phone bank system designed to make the process as painful as possible.

This feeling of loss from the time invested and the awful customer service left a bad taste in my mouth.

These experiences made me want to create my watch brand. I don't believe anyone should have to go through this after making a watch purchase.

La Touraine is named after the ship that brought my great-grandparents to the US and was formed in November 2018 to make watches better.

Back then, we started with one basic watch model which was a hit. After meeting the need for an honest watch company, we began attracting more customers.

Today, we now offer multiple classic designs made to last and backed by our 24-month warranty (without the phone bank to jump through).

As a small business, your support means more to me than a dot on a spreadsheet - you are part of growing the La Touraine story.

Our Mission

To become your trusted watch brand that provides the best watch for your money.

Our Values

We value substance over flash, customers over profits, and value over marketing.

With La Touraine on your wrist, you can show your unique self while owning a stunning timepiece that you can hand over to your next generation.

Thank you,
Founder, La Touraine