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Lava Stone Bracelets: FAQs

Lava Stone Bracelets: Frequently asked Questions

What is the procedure for adding essential oil to lava stone bracelets?

Lava stone bracelets are known for their ability to absorb essential oils, making them perfect for diffusing fragrances throughout the day. The most effective method is to put 1-2 drops of oil on a q-tip or your finger and rub it onto each bead.. You can also roll an essential oil bottle over the entire lava bead bracelet. the oils sink into the beads for a minute before wearing them, so you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy any time, anywhere!


What are the healing properties of lava stone bracelets?

The healing properties of lava stone bracelets are beneficial.The capacity to ground us and strengthen our bond with the earth, have made lava bead bracelets popular.. Lava stone can also be used in detoxification of the body and is often used in massage and aromatherapy treatments to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The best way to take advantage of these benefits is through wearing a lava stone bracelet. This type of jewelry is composed of lava stones strung together on an adjustable cord. The stones can also be incorporated with other gemstones to make a unique piece that can help reduce negative emotions and foster peace.


Lava Stone Bracelets and Chakra Healing

Homeopathic healers, natural healing experts, and those who are spiritual use lava stone bracelets in healing. Balancing chakras with the use of specific essential oils, applied bead by bead, is used to treat both physical and emotional discontent. La Touraine lava stone bracelets are well designed for these healing practices.


How do I care for my Lava Stone Bracelets?

La Touraine lava stone bracelets can be cleaned using warm soapy water, essential oils, or any other gentle cleanser that does not contain acid or other harsh chemicals.