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Guide to Matching Your Watch and Clothes

A watch is an extension of a man’s personal sense of style. Many men prefer to own more than one wristwatch so that they can wear the appropriate timepiece to complement their outfit. Whether it be for a black tie affair or for a more casual event, there is a watch that fits every occasion! But the question remains– how do you go about matching your watch with clothes?

Despite the fact that no rules are absolute, there are some general guidelines for matching your timepiece with your clothing. Here at La Touraine, we want you to always look and feel your best, and our watches will elegantly heighten your sense of style.

1- Match The Formalities

The all-embracing principle to matching your watch with clothes is to have the formality of the watch match the formality of the outfit. To better understand how to do this, you must first be aware of the different types of watches that exist.

Of all the watch types on the market today, analog and digital watches reign supreme. But since digital watches aren’t meant to vitalize your outfit, we will be concentrating more on analog watches. Your typical analog watches have a face with hour and minute hands and markers or numbers that display a 12-hour cycle. These watches have always been more classic and formal in nature, making them ideal for a variety of business and formal events, as well as everyday wear.

The 5 main types of analog watches for men are as follows:

-       Dive: Originally created for underwater diving, these watches come equipped with deep water resistance, metal bands, and a medium-sized face with easy to read hash marks or numerals. Take our Seafarer watch, for instance. The Seafarer is one of our most prominent and bespoke diver watches. The band and case are made from 316L stainless steel, making the watch both durable and long-lasting for all of your seafaring excursions.

-       Dress: Chic, simple, and sophisticated, the dress watch with a plain white face and a black leather strap is as simple as it gets. If you want something with a little more flair, try opting for a piece with hash marks, roman numerals, or no numerals at all to add that touch of elegance. If you want to emulate style for when you walk into a room, our Atlas watch will help you make a bold statement. Composed of heavyweight stainless steel, the Atlas will always command the attention and respect of others!

-       Pilot: Made for those who are regularly in the cockpit, the pilot watch is medium to large, adorning an oversized dial, legible numbers, radiant hands, and a date and chronograph. The standard strap material for these watches is leather. Our Navigator watch could be the perfect timepiece accessory for your travels. The self-winding watch is adorned with sapphire crystal glass and Horween leather straps–not to mention, it has a water rating of 20 ATM!

-      Racing/Driving: Racing and driving watches often sport a large dial with clear Arabic numerals, and bright contrasting colors. They always include a chronograph, and sometimes a date complication too. The case is stainless steel and the strap could be metal or leather. La Touraine’s Compass watch is a piece that is not only designed to attract, but it can easily accommodate your busy, adventurous lifestyle. After all, professional drivers will need something that will stand the test of time.

-      Field: Born out of the trenches of WWI, field watches are rugged, functional, and durable timepieces that are tough enough for all types of field activity. These watches can be small to medium-sized, with a canvas or leather strap, and an easy-to-read interface with Arabic numbers. It may also include a date-only complication or nothing at all. The Voyager can be your go-to navigational keepsake that will serve you well on your travels.

 Once you are acutely aware of the varying watch types, you can then learn what goes with what dress codes, and the corresponding outfits. For black tie/white tie events, a classic dress watch with a small, slightly embellished face and black leather will be deemed most appropriate in these settings. As for business wear, a classic gold or silver watch with a thin dial and little to no complications will make the cut. A dark suit is best paired with a classic dress watch.

For the sharp-casual gatherings–Button-down shirts, khakis, denims, sport coats, leather shoes, etc, large watch faces with more complications are commonplace. So your casual racing, pilot, or field watch will suffice. Lastly, for casual gatherings, all the watch types except for the dress watch will work. If you are going to be engaging in physical activity, you’ll want something that can sustain some wear and tear.

2- Leather on Leather and Metal on Metal

Another element to consider when you are trying to matching your watch with clothes is the other accessories you are wearing. A watch can easily be matched with your belt and shoes. For instance, if you are wearing brown shoes and a brown leather belt, a watch with a brown leather band is the perfect finishing touch that leaves you looking stylish and color coordinated.

3- Coordinating Your Shoes

Black dress shoes are in many ways, the gold standard for dress shoes. In certain scenarios, brown shoes could be the better option, but it depends on the outing you are attending. For those matching their watch and shoes, use a watch that has interchangeable bands. If you are having a hard time deciding between a black and brown leather watch band, look at the color of your shoes. Black leather bands are more formal compared to brown bands. So more often than not a black band will be a better choice for an upscale event. Alternatively, silver watches will go better with gray, silver, or blue shoes while gold watches match with browns, beiges, and tans.

La Touraine: Stylish Watches for any Wardrobe

The aforementioned tips will help you with matching your watch with clothes. If you are looking to add more watches to your growing collection, browse through our inventory or contact us today!