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Our Newest Dive Watch Under $300: Seafarer Redesigned

Seafarer has always been our largest dive watch coming in at a staggering 46mm.

This has worked very well for people with larger wrists but was just too big for most people.

To lead with the changes, we have created an entirely new case for it, and the new Seafarer will be reduced down to 43mm. The 46mm version will be a collector's classic with this change.

The next major change we've made was with the bracelet itself. On the previous version, it was a 22mm wide bracelet from end to end. This helped match the weight of the 46mm case size. On our new 43mm version, this bracelet will be tapered by 4mm to increase freedom of movement of your wrist and improve comfort.

The bracelet changes will also include replacing push pins for link adjustment with new set screws to make adjusting your Seafarer as easy as using a small screwdriver.

We didn't stop there

As we looked at the case and bracelet finishing, we wanted to make this next version a little more luxury focused. This is an everyday watch but there was some elevation of style that could be done to it.

So we have introduced new polishing to the case, bracelet and case back. There will be a mixture of mirror polish on areas that don't see a lot of smudges and brushed matte finishes on higher traffic areas of the watch.

For example, the new transparent case back will feature a mirror polished ring and brushed matte case back.

What Else?

We've made more significant changes to Seafarer.

First, you'll notice a more involved dial and hands - with the addition of our own La Touraine sea waves (calling back to the intercontinental voyage of the SS La Touraine).

The hands themselves have been widened and lengthened over the previous Seafarer to more accurately fill the dial space too.

Lastly, the dial subscript text has been increased in font size so that it is more legible than before.

That's great - what else?

We have changed the bezel material from aluminum without lume to ceramic with C3 lume to match the strong lume on the dial.


Despite offering excellent service, the Miyota 8215 automatic movement has been replaced in the new Seafarer with a Seiko NH-35 with custom rotor.

The NH-35 is a more modern automatic movement, offering hacking and the ability to achieve 5/seconds per day of accuracy vs. the Miyota 8215's 20 seconds per day.

How much will this all cost?

This is the best part - we have kept pricing the same for this first batch of ten watches.

Pre-Order yours now before the 9 remaining run out.

Deliveries expected in late February