la touraine seafarer dive watches

60 Seconds on Seafarer with Elliot from Modded Time

"It's new watch Monday and I got an opportunity to look at a La Touraine Seafarer...and as we know, I've debated the Seafarer for a long time for myself.
And it is gorgeous.
It does not disappoint, except it is too big for me. It really is too big for me.
And that is not an issue with the watch, it's just an issue with the fact that I have tiny wrists. So if you have a larger wrist, this would be a fantastic watch for you coming in I believe around 44mm, with a beautiful sapphire crystal and beautiful bezel. 
This watch, in my opinion, is so well executed. It's just beautiful.
Can I possibly get you, La Touraine watches, to make a mini-Seafarer? 
Just a thought - anyway, fantastic watch coming in around $300 - Go give it a look"
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