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Men’s Watches: A Fashion Staple

Right up until the outbreak of World War 1, the wristwatch was considered a lady’s accessory. But in the midst of battle, soldiers found that it was not feasible to fish around for a pocket watch. So, the men’s wristwatch would eventually come into fruition, to resolve this issue. Nowadays, the watch has become a staple in every man’s wardrobe, and for good reason. While some amongst the younger generations might have pushback on wearing a watch, the accessory’s dominance has continued to reign supreme, regardless of the ever-changing trends in fashion. Watches for men are, without a doubt, a quintessential component for all kinds of outings--especially affordable luxury watches. For today, let’s dive deeper into why this is. 

1 - Their Convenience Knows No Bounds

Regardless of their advent, phones are not what keep us punctual nor accountable. But watches do. The response–” I do not need a watch because of my phone” is a common response from a generation who are now questioning the adverse effects of excessive cell phone use. The fact of the matter is, fishing in your pocket for a phone just to look at the time, is unconventional, to say the least. Whereas, quickly glancing at your wrist is a much classier way to keep track of time during a date or meeting. More importantly, it will not come rude like how it normally does when checking your cell phone. Watches for men are much more convenient for checking time. 

2 - Watches Are Functional

Any item that gleans inspiration from the military has a functional use, especially watches. Wristwatches were first utilized in the 19th century by the military to synchronize maneuvers during wartime. Since that time, specialized watches have been used in the depths of the ocean by divers and high up in the sky by aviators. A “complicated” watch is designed with features beyond the basic functions of displaying time. The functionality is known as a complication. Two of the popular complications. Two of the popular complications are the chronograph, which allows the watch to function like a stopwatch and the moon phase complication that displays where the moon is in the lunar cycle.

3 - They Are Reliable

Some of the best watches around aren’t using the latest microchips. They are powered by mechanical clockwork technology that is a precursor to electricity. So, when your cell phone runs out of battery, you can trust the technology that keeps running on your wrist. Another advantage of watches for men that most people seem to forget is how long it can operate, when in the field. A myriad of watches are meant to either be self-powered through motion or use a small amount of energy from a battery. When you need to monitor something as important as time, wearing a watch will always justify reliability. 

4 - A Stylish Piece

Watches are anything but limited. You never have to worry about a loss in quality or reliability, and stylistically, it’s not any different. Apart from helping its wearers stick to their schedules, wristwatches make it easier for them to display their sense of style. Think of it as a form of self-expression, reflecting a hint of danger, adventure, and sports, depending on the make of the watch. Watches communicate much on the personality of the person wearing it. 

5 - The Embodiment Of Craftsmanship

A wristwatch is so much more than just a memento. It represents a symbol of tradition and history, all encased and maintained with extreme craftsmanship. A good amount of men seem to overlook the fact that they are wearing pieces of art on their wrists. In fact, some watch houses will have four craftsmen working on one watch for several months. It is a detailed art representing the upper echelon of human ingenuity and creativity. 

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