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Why Every Man Should Own a Wristwatch

Men’s Wristwatches: The key to fashion, respect, and success

What you don’t know (but should)

Until World War 1, the wristwatch was not commonly worn. Back in that time, the wristwatch was still a novelty compared to the pocket watch. The fashionable shift to the wristwatch began out of necessity, due to wartime maneuvers requiring the ability to keep hands free and time accessible.  Soldiers found it impractical to search their pockets, while carrying out their wartime duties and needing to hold their weapon.  To balance the need for timing attacks and defensive positions, the pocket watch was modified with some torn cloth from uniforms to make the first wristwatch. This led to the invention and popularization of the men’s wristwatch. The wristwatch has since become a staple in men’s fashion. This rich history shows why men’s watches have become THE quintessential accessory in men’s fashion. Deep rooted in a tradition of honor, performance, and the lifestyles of hardworking men, it is important to find that style at an affordable price point. Let’s dive into why:

1 - Their Convenience Knows No Bounds

Regardless of their technological abilities, phones do not keep us on time. In fact, storing a phone in your pocket makes easy checks of the time more difficult than a quick glance at one’s wrist.  The same problem as a pocket watch in the modern day! Watches showcase the time stylishly, fashionably, and mindfully. A quick glance at your wrist is the classiest way to keep track of time, no matter the situation. Watches for men are about tradition, manners, respect, and fashion. 

2 - Watches Are Functional

Gleaning inspiration from the military, wristwatches have functional use. First utilized by the military to synchronize maneuvers during wartime, specialized watches have been a significant part of history. Dive watches used by those exploring our sea, aviator watches worn by fighter pilots, chronographs used to time famous Olympians, auto races and land on the moon, the wristwatch has played major roles in sport, fashion, and history.

3 - They Are Reliable

The best watches around don’t use the latest microchips. They are powered by mechanical clockwork technology that was a precursor to electricity. An advantage of watches for men is years of battery life. A myriad of watches are meant to either be self-powered through motion or use a small amount of energy from a battery. When you need to monitor something as important as time, wearing a traditional watch is the only reliable option.

4 - A Stylish Piece

Unlike other fashionable items, a nice men’s wristwatch never goes out of style. A classy timepiece offers an opportunity to accessorize, whether it be formal wear or business casual. An everyday staple of successful men in all walks of life, a nice timepiece brings confidence, class, and swagger.

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