black lava stone bracelet

Lava Stones: Bringing Wellness and Fashion together



For centuries, lava stones have been part of various cultures' rituals. They are actually the oldest stones in existence.


Volcanoes create lava stones through their eruptions, much the same way as obsidian stones. This heated liquid rock that flows down the side of the volcano solidifies once it cools, forming the lava stone. This has led to lava stones being seen as a symbol of rebirth. Experts believe that the strength of the volcano that creates them gives them their healing properties. 



It is thought that lava stones are effective in healing when they are kept in direct contact with the skin, since there is no obstruction with this stone and the energy is able to pass through without resistance. Many people opt to have lava stones on their wrist in the form of bracelets throughout the day, and some even keep it on while they sleep in order to get the full benefits. Many feels this helps them to maintain an equilibrium of energy and facilitate the regulation of emotions.



 Lava Stones are closely related to the concept of chakra, the energy centers in our bodies. Those stones have the power to balance and align those centers. In Indian culture and mysticism, the notion of a chakra is one that relates to the spiritual energy sources within the human body. Generally, there are believed to be seven distinct chakras that are responsible for regulating the life energy, otherwise referred to as Qi or Praana. Those who use lava stones reason that they ground and stabilize the root chakra due to its strong affiliation with the earth. If the root chakra is balanced, the body and spirit can experience a sense of security, safety and a connection with the earth.