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Mens Pilot Watch

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La Touraine: Men's Designer Watches

Own Timeless Wristwatches with Pride

Our men's designer watches are built and designed for watch enthusiasts. La Touraine watches are made to last with a careful selection of materials and components. This focus on detail from the design to your wrist provides our customers with a great watch at any price.

Celebrating the Greatest Moments
At La Touraine, we celebrate memorable moments that bring freshness to your mind and give you a reason to smile by looking at the unique timepiece that you wear daily. These classic timepieces tell a personal story that’s unique to every individual. Whenever you look at your watch, it should remind you of the memories that you created with your loved ones, moments you have shared with those around you.

An Investment that Lasts for Ages
La Touraine's curated collection of men's and women's watches is a perfect investment that lasts for years to come and fits perfectly with your every outfit and style. Our range of classic watches aren’t just a great perfect formal and casual accessory, but a time machine that takes you back to memories.


Explore our collection of timeless watches that can reflect your taste, personality, and personal style. Our exclusive collection of carefully curated affordable luxury watches is what you need to make a personalized style statement. You can take pride in your prized possession, handing it over to the next generations as your most loved asset that they can also own and display with the same pride! These high-quality pieces stand the test of time, giving exceptional value and return on your investment.


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It is quite frankly, the best watch I have ever owned! I recommend this company to everyone I speak to about watches! Thank you again for bringing a watch back to my wrist after all these years :)

Scott S.

You need to buy an Atlas Ocean!!! I've been watch collecting for years and own numerous pieces from Rolex to G-Shock. It's been a long time since I purchased a piece in any price range and felt that I got this much value for money. Sapphire glass, high quality movement, great wrist presence, and detailed finishing on the stainless steel bracelet. The royal blue sunburst dial is simply stunning. And all for under $200 - you simply cannot go wrong!

Angelo L.

The Compass is stunning and incredibly versatile. Wearable whether dressing up or down, the Compass is among my favorite watches. The only thing better than the watch is the buying experience at La Touraine!